Pay your workers instantly

Improve your bottom line by improving the daily lives of your workers.

  • Increase productivity.
  • Attract new workers.
  • Improve retention.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Drive more supply hours.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Keep workers loyal.

Financially stressed workers pay


annually in fees & interest on payday loans, overdraft & credit cards.


of workers say they would join a gig platform or do more gig work if they were paid faster.

Worker financial stress costs companies over


annually per worker in lost productivity.

A turn-key solution to modernize worker pay.

Full, partial or no integration.

We offer a full API suite and a turn-key private label solution.

Multiple worker payout options.

Automatically after each task, shift or sale. On-demand as workers request pay.

Simple program implementation.

We manage the entire program on your behalf.

Available to 100% of your workforce.

Gig, hourly or salary workers.

Reward your workers.

  • Relevant cash-back rewards on everyday purchases with their debit card or prepaid card.
  • Tiered reward levels based on worker loyalty status.
  • Reward dashboard, offers and merchant locator in app.
  • Real-time rewards redemption.
  • Custom rewards plus participation in third-party reward programs.
  • Access to value-added benefits including accident insurance & roadside assistance.

How Payfare works.

Integrate directly into your company’s existing worker app, or opt for a fully customized and branded mobile banking application.

  1. Worker completes a quick & easy enrolment in-app — account is created instantly.
  2. Worker receives their new card in person or by mail & activates instantly in-app.
  3. Worker requests their pay on-demand or automatically every day or after each completed task.
  4. Worker receives deposit and has immediate access to their funds.

How Payfare is powering the gig economy.

Lyft drivers get paid instantly after every ride, benefit from a no-fee mobile bank account, cash back on gas and other everyday purchases.

Learn more about Lyft Direct, powered by Payfare.

Dashers get paid instantly every day, benefit from a no-fee mobile prepaid account, plus earn cash back on all gas purchases.

Learn more about DasherDirect, powered by Payfare.

Uber® drivers get paid automatically every day or on-demand up to 5 times per day - improving their cashflow for everyday and unexpected expenses.

Learn more about Uber Instant Pay, powered by Payfare.

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Features, functionality and pricing/fees vary by country and program and subject to change without notice. Cards are issued by partner banks and subject to eligibility, terms and conditions.